Friday, February 3, 2012

What's So Bad about Planned Parenthood

With all the controversy regarding Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood I thought I would add a couple of thoughts.  I was actually very thrilled when Susan G. Komen broke with Planned Parenthood the other day just to find today they were back together.  They say truth is stranger than fiction.

Of course, there is always the abortion issue around Planned Parenthood, that is the biggest, but there are just so many other issues. To me everything Planned Parenthood stands for goes against true womanhood, true femininity.  Young girls are encouraged to lie to their parents, they are encouraged to give up their precious possession that should be saved for their future husband not just given out to someone who will only be around for a short time. Someone who doesn't love them.

Planned Parenthood's encouragement of contraceptives is  horrible. They certainly do nothing to encourage young girls to care about themselves and protect themselves from hurt and pain.  Pain they will receive by giving in to sex at a young age without being married. Experiences that will leave huge gaps in their hearts.

Planned Parenthood hides the truth about contraceptives and contraceptives are drugs. I think we forget that. They are drugs and they have side effects and they are not good.

Side Effects of Oral Contraceptives: A Few Dry Facts

I fill in part time in a neurologists doctor's office. We deal mostly with stroke patients. I am amazed every single day at the young girls and young women who come in post stroke.  Young girls no longer able to walk or speak. Add cigarettes to birth control pills and you have dynamite but you don't hear about that. No, they would stop the money flow.

Another lie Planned Parenthood throws out is that it offers breast cancer screening. The only thing they do is a  breast exam, the same as women should be doing on themselves at home. One that any doctor could do. If you watch the video below you will see how many mammograms Planned Parenthood offers.  NONE.

Read the link below from You will find Planned Parenthood is a multimillion dollar company. Making it's money off of young women. Not too mention all the money they make off of innocent little babies never given a chance to live.

What a horrible organization.

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