Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Politics and the Catholic Voter's Guide

With elections and campaigning going on here in America, there is a lot to think about. Who is the true conservative?  What are the  issues?  Who can beat Obama?  Who will win?  Many things.  Decisions. It is almost like the old game show:   Will the Real ____Please Stand Up.  In this case it is:  Will the Real Conservative Please Stand Up.

I have in my mind who I think would be a good candidate as probably most everyone, though there are some who are probably still undecided. Part of me is afraid to support or wholeheartedly back one person because I know that person is human and I know that person will get into the White House and make mistakes. I have been disappointed in the past. I need to remember this person is applying for a job. The American people are the employers looking for an employee and just like any business once you hire someone they will not be perfect.  They may do a great job but they will make mistakes and fall short of your desires and their desires and even their goals. No one knows the future and no one knows what the next president will have to face. What is the next crisis or issue America is to face? We do not know.

Since most of the candidates are stating that they are prolife and the true conservative I know I am going to need to pray about it but I am also going to try to follow what the Catholic Church has put out for us to help us decide. The Catholic Voters Guide.

Granted there are a lot of issues out there that are not covered in the Catholic Voter's Guide. Ieleive we also need to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church and see where the Church stands on issues such as: war, death penalty, illegal aliens and more and then chose the candidate who lines up with the Church's teachings. I don't feel there are any candidates who line up completely. The voter's guide addresses these issues also. It instructs us to first remember the non-negotiables :  abortion, euthenasia, stem-cell research, human cloning and homosexual marriage. Then after that line up the other issues with the church.

Our world needs prayer and we all need to pray to ensure we choose the right person to be in the White House at the right time.



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