Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frying pans

I have recently decided to try to use a cast iron skillet.  I've heard different stories about health hazards of cooking with other metals.  I'm a little worried about sticking, though because I've also heard horror stories about sticking with cast iron skillets. I really want to try to use cast iron successfully. With cast iron there isn't any worry about a dangerous metal getting into your food. I don't want to have to drown the food I am cooking in alot of unhealthy oils either, so I guess I'll need to keep a good amount of olive oil on hand to season the pans. Since, I believe olive oil is healthier for you than any other oil.

There is a brand of cast iron out right now that says it is pre-seasoned and I recently purchased one of those. Logic Cast Iron can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target and I am sure other places. I believe I have seen them at Amazon.
I have used this skillet today for two meals. The first meal I cooked was hash browns. I cooked these in I Can't Believe It' Not Butter. No sticking. Cleaned up great. I had to try it again. I thought I would try it with something that occasionally sticks and is frustrating when it sticks. Pancakes. I wasn't ready to try French toast, yet.

I cooked the pancakes in olive oil. The first one stuck and I was feeling a little frustrated. I cleaned up the pan and had to try again.  Oh good, cooked up great. No sticking. I did this two more times.

I have heard that once you learn how to season your cast iron, you will come to just love it.  I read to season you cast iron, after you are finished cooking, wipe the pan clean with a wet cloth. Dry thoroughly.  Add oil, heat again on the stove, then turn off the stove and let the pan cool and wipe out excess oil.  Prior to first use do the same thing. Heat on stove with oil. Let cool and then wipe out excess oil. So far it has been working well.

If things change and I come to dislike this pan, I'll let you know.

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