Monday, July 18, 2011

Casey Anthony - A Catholic Christian Perspective

I haven't posted for a while. Part of me is trying to avoid some computer and another part of me has been on too much. I got a little caught up in the Casey Anthony case. Actually, I didn't even pay attention until about the last week or so. I didn't hear all of the testimony. The little bit I heard was very sad, no matter what theory you believe. Whether she murdered her daughter as the prosecutors say or she was sexually abused and Caylee drowned as her lawyer said.  Each story is horrible, but what about Caylee. The poor little victim in the story.  Every little life is valuable and should never end this way. To think a mother could do this to her child is depressing. How horrible to think her poor little body was left in the swamp and tore apart by animals. Many baby's bodies are torn apart every day, too.

I looked it up and since 1973 over 52 million abortions have been performed, according to  If Casey had killed her daughter two and a half years earlier, there would have not been a trial.  The death of Caylee is horrific and terribly sad but we need to remember killing is killing, whether in the womb or not. Murder is murder, whether babies, elderly or sick.  If a woman kills her baby in an abortion it is choice, if out of the womb, it is murder. These inconsistincies should not be so. We need to keep all mothers in prayer. Pray to end all murder, including abortion and remember every human being has a right to life- from the womb to the tomb.

Today it seems children have become a burden and motherhood dishonored. God thinks differently and our Catholic Christian faith tells us different. Protect every human life, born or yet to be born.

Second, what I want to address is how horrible an accusation was made of her father and brother. Whether or not the accusation is true or not, I don't know. According to Stop It Now up to 47% of sex abuse cases can be family or extended family.  This is something else I think is very sad. If her story is true, I don't know, but no one should ever be abused sexually by anyone.  We hear alot about the sex abuse scandal in the Church, which is terribly sad, but sex abuse is not a Catholic problem. It is a cultural problem. It happens all over and everywhere. Our culture is being severely attacked on an extreme level sexually, to harm and ruin the family. We must fight back with prayer and spiritual warfare.

Third, I am very bothered by the bullying done to Casey Anthony and the jury. Whether or not she is guilty I don't know. It makes me very angry when I hear about Caylee but I have no proof Casey is guilty. So, as a Christian I can't hate her or attack her. There is alot of cyber bullying, media bullying and even bullying of the jury going on  and it is not right. Casey had her day in court and it is over. All the bullying and attacking will only cause harm. It will hurt us. God instructs us to forgive. This is not dependent on the other person's repentance but it is our choice of cancelling the debt. We are forgiven. We must forgive. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

Just a link I want to add about a woman who was almost murdered just because she looked like Casey Anthony.

How much more will this happen? I find this whole situation sad. Let us pray for mothers, babies and our country. Also, we need to pray for healing in the Casey family and pray for all families.

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