Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cookbooks and Binders

The other day I was searching for recipes and found some very good ones. It is helpful when you are able to print out the recipe from a printers version on the website. I was able to do that with some. I have a binder I keep all my recipes in. I try to keep it organized as you would find a cookbook organized according to the type of food you are looking for: breakfast, dessert, main dishes, etc.

I keep my binder recipe book in a kitchen cupboard. That way when I need a tried and true favorite or am looking for something new I can look through the book.

I have many cookbooks at home. Some of which I purchased myself and others were gifts. I use some of them, others just sit in the cupboard. I think it is because they have few recipes that interest me or they are not so well organized or even maybe they do not give enough information. Maybe it is eye appeal. Some of my favorite cookbooks are Make-a-Mix cookbook or Fix It and Forget It, but my favorite is my binder which I have set up myself from finding recipes online or in Taste of Home magazines or recipes handed down from family and friends. Recipes that are usually a big hit are ones from my mother-in-law who besides being a good cook has already served these recipes to her son, my husband, so he already likes them.

A couple other favorite books are a couple of oldies but still goodies. One is Better Homes and Gardens and the other is the Betty Crocker cookbook. My mom always used Better Homes and Gardens and I too have found it very helpful with every day cooking and kitchen help. The same for the Betty Crocker cookbook. Both of these books have many good recipes and explain everything so well.

I am not the best cook. I am trying to make an effort to improve. I think after a while the same recipes get a little wearing and you are ready to try some new ones. Some of them your family likes, some of them they don't. What is really interesting is when one likes it and the other doesn't. In that case, I think if the cook likes it that becomes the deciding vote on whether to serve it again.

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