Saturday, November 14, 2009


Holy vessels and candles
 We have been homeschooling for 8 years now. Our son is in 8th grade  There have been  ups and downs but I have loved every minute of it. We are studying our Faith very deeply this year. He will be confirmed into the Catholic Church in Spring. It is such a glorious thought to think he is studying so much of God, the Holy Spirit and of the love God gives us and the beautiful church He left us.  As I attend the class with him I learn so much also. Things I didn't learn or remember from my own childhood. I hope and pray he will remember much better than I did the things he is being taught.

Our strongest and best subject is history. We love it. This year, though, we are also studying Latin. Wow, how that has helped with spelling. We started last year with English from the Roots Up. and moved on to Our Roman Roots and I have to say understanding how our language came to be and how words are put together sure helps me understand and spell better also.
Next is Math. Joshua is great at math, though, he doesn't believe it.  He can figure things in his head so well and quick. 
I came across a little gem here this year, Easy Grammar. Wow, do we like this curriculum for English.
We have a lot of other subjects yet.  We love off days, of course, field trips, choir, debate class. Our school is going well and I thank the good Lord He is always with us and guiding us. 
Hope your homeschool is going well, too.
Check out some of the links below for curriculum.

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Dear Lord help us to educate our family for your glory.

"Since parents have conferred life on their children, they have a most solemn obligation to educate their offspring. Hence, parents must be acknowledged as the first and foremost educators of their children. Their role as educators is so decisive that scarcely anything can compensate for their failure in it. For it devolves on parents to create a family atmosphere so animated with love and reverence for God and others that a well-rounded personal and social development will be fostered among children. Hence, the family is the first school of those social virtues which every society needs."--Gravissimum Educationis (one of the documents of the Second Vatican Council)

Helping and Loving Our Neighbor

Corporal works of Mercy
Feed the hungry

Give drink to the thirsty

Clothe the naked

Shelter the homeless

Visit the sick

Visit the imprisoned

Bury the dead

The Spiritual Works of Mercy
Admonish the sinner

Instruct the ignorant

Counsel the doubtful

Comfort the sorrowful
Bear wrongs patiently

Forgive all injuries

Pray for the living and the dead

Good Samaritain